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Hometown Helsinki holds special place in choreographer’s heart

Dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Ima Iduozee has gained international acclaim and travelled around the world, but Helsinki is dear to him. (Article includes video clip.)

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We’re all in this together: First Helsinki Biennial highlights ties between nature and humans

People who take the 20-minute ferry to the island of Vallisaari in summer 2020 can connect with art and nature at the first-ever Helsinki Biennial.

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A green sprout emerges from a wide tree stump

Three Finnish companies with solutions that make a healthier planet

How can we turn the tide of plastic waste? New, sustainable materials from Finland are taking over some of the functions plastic used to have.

Helsinki right now


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National forecast

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Get your season tickets now – from a Finnish library

Finnish libraries are full of surprises: electric drills, snowshoes, a rowboat – and now season tickets for cultural and sporting events. Oh yes, and books.

Breaking news from Finland

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    Hän – Working towards a bias-free world
    Finland emojis

    Finland emojis


    First place in European Happiness Equality Index

    Source: The Happiness Research Institute

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    Helsinki South Harbour and surroundings by webcam

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    “Only in Finland”: A story of banknotes, post-it notes and social media posts

    What happens when a cleaner in a Finnish office building finds five euros on the floor?

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    Genome research in Finland is cracking the code

    Genetics researcher Mark Daly wants to stop cancer in its tracks, and says the best place to do it is Helsinki.

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    Finnish innovation fund Sitra lists the most important trends of the 2020s

    What will the 2020s look like? What trends will have the biggest impact on our future? What tensions exist between the various megatrends of our time?

    The hobby horse
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    Coaching conducting: Finland possesses prowess on the orchestral podium

    The most prestigious orchestras in the world of classical music recruit young Finnish conductors. How does Finland achieve such success in this field?


    Finnish word for "Hello!"

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    That time Santa Claus visited Finland’s Twitter chat

    Santa Claus himself took part in ThisisFINLAND’s Twitter chat just a short while before Christmas, and you can still read his posts online.

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