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I Love Free Software - and you?

12 February 2020

While you are reading this, someone somewhere is improving the code of a Free Software you use for yourself. Free Software has long been part of the daily use of billion of users, still the people behind the respective projects often remain invisible. Together we want to change that. On 14 February is the "I love Free Software Day", a day to show your love and celebrate your favourite Free Software and its contributors. Join us!

29 January 2020

We are looking for interns and trainees experienced in legal, policy or technical fields. The persons will work 35 hours per week with our team in the FSFE's Berlin office. There will be coordination with remote staff and volunteers, and depending on the work area opportunity to participate in events and meetings throughout Europe.

Report from the 36c3, about:freedom - about:fsfe

22 January 2020

At the end of December, FSFE was in Leipzig at the 36th Chaos Communication Congress. As in previous years, we were present at the congress with lots of information material, talks and workshops. FSFE was one of the main organisers of the cluster about:freedom, an association of 12 civil society organisations and groups. Together with the other organisations, we focused on digital rights and network policy issues.

Cory Doctorow +++ (pre-) FOSDEM +++ 36C3

22 January 2020

2020 is not just a new year, it is the dawn of a new decade. With more and more automated systems run by software, a political representation of freedom is more needed than ever. Read in our January Newsletter about why Cory Doctorow supports the FSFE financially and why you should do so too. Read about our upcoming FOSDEM activities including our pre-FOSDEM meeting and reflections on our presence at the Chaos Communication Congress. Also we have a new Software Freedom Podcast with Harald Welte and reports from our community.

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Winterkongress Digitale Gesellschaft in Zurich, Switzerland

22 February 2020

The "Winterkongress der Digitalen Gesellschaft" is an annual meeting about the digital society in Switzerland. On Saturday, 22 February, hackers, programmers, activists and other interested parties will meet for the third time in Zurich to exchange views on information technology and its effects on our society.

The FSFE will be present with two talks: our president Matthias Kirschner will talk about the "Ethics of Free Software", while Max Mehl, Programme Manager, will give a presentation about why there is "No IT security without Free Software". Additionally, many members of the FSFE's Switzerland team will attend. The event will take place in the "Rote Fabrik", admission fee is 30 CHF.

FSFE booth and FSFE BNL meeting at the Dutch LUG meeting in Utrecht, Netherlands

21 March 2020

FSFE BNL (Belgium/The Netherlands/Luxemburg) will meet and be present with a booth at the meeting of the Dutch Linux User Group (LUG) NLLGG in Utrecht. If you are interested in Free Software and the FSFE, pass by and get to know the people from the community and our work. We will be there from 10.00 o'clock to 17.00 o'clock. The booth will be there from 10.00 o'clock to 15.30 o'clock and the BNL meeting is from 16.00 to 17.00 o'clock. The address of the venue is: Kranenburg Praktijkonderwijs, Tamboersdijk 9, 3582 TZ, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Open Education Day 2020 in Bern, Switzerland

25 April 2020

Ralf Hersel und Lioh Moeller von der FSFE Lokalgruppe Zürich werden am Open Education Day in Bern einen einführenden Vortrag zum Thema "Selber hosten leicht gemacht" halten. Der Vortrag findet auf Deutsch statt.

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