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    • Leading full-stack AI capabilities

    • Diverse cloud architecture and unparalleled performance

  • Future-oriented

    • World-class hybrid cloud

    • Open ecosystem that harnesses chip-device-pipe-cloud synergy

  • Trustworthy

    • Reliable and secure data protection

    • Local support, global access

Products and Services
  • Compute
    • Elastic Cloud Server

      Scalable, on-demand cloud servers

    • Bare Metal Server

      Dedicated physical servers offering excellent performance and data security

    • Cloud Container Engine

      A highly reliable, high-performance managed Kubernetes service

  • Storage
    • Object Storage Service

      Stable, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud storage

    • Content Delivery Network

      Content rerouting to reduce network congestion

    • Cloud Server Backup Service

      Consistent online EVS disk backups for ECSs

  • Network
    • Elastic Load Balance

      Traffic distribution across multiple servers to achieve fault tolerance for any application

    • Virtual Private Network

      Isolated, private virtual networks on HUAWEI CLOUD

    • Direct Connect

      Dedicated network connections between a local data center and HUAWEI CLOUD

  • Security
    • Web Application Firewall

      Malicious request filters to defend against unknown threats

    • Advanced Anti-DDoS

      Traffic diversion to high-defense IP addresses to ensure origin server stability

    • Database Security Service

      A security suite including sensitive data discovery, data masking, and database auditing

  • Database
    • RDS for MySQL

      A popular, open-source database with excellent performance for the LAMP stack

    • RDS for SQL Server

      A globally popular commercial relational database

    • RDS for PostgreSQL

      A globally popular commercial relational database

  • Application
    • Simple Message Notification

      An efficient, automated messaging service

    • Software Repository for Container

      Full-lifecycle container image management

    • Distributed Cache Service for Redis

      In-memory caching service compatible with Redis

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Recommended Solutions

  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • SAP on Cloud
  • Gaming
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Logistics
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  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions

    Allows customers to use HUAWEI CLOUD services in their local data centers to meet specific security and compliance requirements. An interactive development provides ever-improving cloud services to address customers' changing service requirements and the low-latency requirements in certain scenarios.

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  • SAP on Cloud

    SAP on Cloud allows you to deploy SAP products on HUAWEI CLOUD, providing full access to its lifecycle management services, large capacity, strong security, and high performance. SAP on Cloud simplifies enterprise management, reduces costs, optimizes operations, and facilitates digital transformation.

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  • Gaming

    The Gaming solution provides a professional, fast, stable, and secure platform for game development, deployment, and operations. HUAWEI CLOUD offers comprehensive and rapid after-sales services and ecosystem support that is device-cloud synergy, driving the development of the game industry.

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  • Manufacturing

    HUAWEI CLOUD provides a reliable and open industrial cloud platform, and an end-to-end solution to help manufacturers digitally transform within their industry. Huawei provides companies everything they need to conduct digital transformation and intelligent upgrade.

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  • Transportation and Logistics

    HUAWEI CLOUD integrates Big Data, IoT, and AI technologies to provide competitive logistic solutions that streamline the information from production, transportation, warehousing, and distribution. It reduces logistical costs, improves efficiency, and creates sustainable benefits for customers.

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18 Sep
HUAWEI CLOUD Launched EI Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins

On the first day of HUAWEI CONNECT 2019, Zheng Yelai, the president of Huawei Cloud BU, delivered a speech titled "Crossing the Commercial Chasm – Building Inclusive AI". He proposed four keys to successfully implementing AI and announced the official launch of the cutting-edge EI Cluster Service and Industrial Intelligent Twins.

    04 Dec
    J&T Express boosts capabilities and services via HUAWEI CLOUD

    If it’s to stay number one, J&T Express knows it must continue to drive improvements in its unparalleled service, which is why it leverages Huawei’s global cloud coverage to optimize its transnational IT architecture and deploy services on the cloud.

    13 Nov
    DataCube Signs MoU With HUAWEI

    CITD has always been working closely with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd., another member of CITD, Marco Systems is the first company in Hong Kong being awarded as “5 Star IT Certified Service Partner” as well as “Excellent Partner” by Huawei.

    12 Nov
    Telkom and Huawei Tied Agreement on 5G and Cloud Joint Innov

    At the same time, Telkom and HUAWEI CLOUD also announced their agreement to establish a joint collaboration in providing public cloud services in Indonesian market.

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