Debating OSS with DHH

The other week I ended up going back and forth in tweets with David Heinemeier Hansson, it wasn’t going anywhere but he graciously invited me to their podcast and we were able to expand the discussion in a way I found really refreshing and mind-opening.

DHH and I have philosophies around work and open source that I believe overlap 95% or more, so that makes where we have differences all that more interesting to mine. Although we would see each other logged into the same server 15 years ago, we haven’t actually spoken directly until this podcast started, but the conversation flowed so naturally you’d think we have been talking since then.

Check out the episode on Open Source and Power on the Rework Podcast, hopefully you enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed recording it.

2 replies on “Debating OSS with DHH”

Excellent discussion. Really informative. I first heard about it on another podcast called WP-Tonic. They discussed your discussion. Might be worth a listen.

Awesome from every angle…every permutation emphatically rocks. Cheers, from Chicago! 😉

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