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We are a UK organisation committed to develop and sustain UK leadership in Open Technology.

We promote businesses, projects and people, who use Open.

We strive to collaborate across all existing organisations for Open.

OpenUK’s mission is:

  • To lead and advocate for the use and development of Open technology and associated services while interacting with law and policy makers.
  • To be a single voice for the Open industries, representing and bringing together Open in the UK.
  • To build a body of expertise and experience and provide tools and resources about the Open sectors.

Do you participate in an Open community or business?

Our participants are specialists in open source software, hardware and data, “Open”. They benefit from our organisation to meet, learn and pursue collaborative projects.

We work with the public and private sectors, industry organisations, NGO’s and the Government within the UK and internationally, creating a single voice for the UK Open communities.

If you are an individual or any form of organisation working with Open, OpenUK would love to have you participate in one or more of our many initiatives.

We work through Community Committees focusing on: Events, Learning, Legal and Policy, Museums (content), Universities, OpenUK Awards and OpenUK Week. We welcome participation from non-members.

Participation in any OpenUK activity or event is open to all but subject to our Participants’ Code of Respect and the OpenUK Competition Policy. By participating you agree to comply with these.


Join us

Looking to participate?

If you are interested in joining any of our activities or want to learn more, please contact OpenUK or come along to one of our inclusive and welcoming events. Our events are recorded and where possible streamed.

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Want to discover what we do?

Explore our blog which covers the latest in Open from the UK
Amanda Brock
12th February 2020

January Pinks – Amanda’s CEO Round Up

It’s been a busy old January. I am not sure why and am left wondering if it is a ripple in the pool of Brexit....

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Van Lindberg
20th January 2020

OpenUK Amicus Brief in Google v Oracle copyright law suit

Open Source Attorney, Van Lindberg discusses the filing with the U.S. Supreme Court of an amicus brief including OpenUK. An amicus brief is  filed in...

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Karen Sandler
6th January 2020

Karen Sandler talks “Digital Autonomy” in advance of her OpenUK Healthcare keynote in London on 6 February

Digital autonomy – our ability to choose and control how technology integrates in our live- has never been more important. It also has never been...

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Amanda Brock
24th December 2019

How open source can live up to its name in a post-Brexit world

Amanda Brock, CEO at OpenUK and keynote speaker at Tech Leaders Summit, explores how open source can thrive in a post-Brexit world

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neil mcgovern gnome director
Amanda Brock
6th December 2019

“Some people have all the luck” Neil McGovern, Executive Director, Gnome Foundation

Some people have all the luck – by Neil McGovern.

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Amanda Brock
18th November 2019

DG Connect: Open Source 2020 and Beyond

The European Commission is taking Open Source, Open Hardware and Open Data seriously and recognising the need to take real and defined steps to move...

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Amanda Brock
3rd January 2020

Dominic Cummings and Number 10 need you!

It’s the start of a new decade and with Brexit on January 31, inevitably a new era for the UK.

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Amanda Brock
23rd September 2019

Ethical Open Source Licence dilemma Andrew Katz, Pro Bono GC OpenUK

Coraline Ada Ehmke (where.coraline.codes) has just stirred up a minor hornets’ nest in the world of Free and Open Source Software by re leasing a...

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