bbPress Complete

Rhys Wynne
July 24, 2013

122 pages

3 hours 39 minutes

A comprehensive guide to bbPress with clear and concise instructions on expanding your WordPress site with a community forum
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  • Install bbPress on a WordPress installation and troubleshoot common problems
  • Manage posts, promote popular discussions, merge similar topics, and block spam, allowing your forum to grow
  • Expand the functionality of your forum with WordPress and bbPress plugins
  • Build specific templates using the WordPress and bbPress templating system
  • Give useful information by providing a sidebar in your forum

Even with the rise of social media, forums remain a popular part of the Internet. bbPress allows you to increase interactivity with your WordPress website or blog by creating discussion forums within its confines.

bbPress Complete will show you how to create and manage a forum effectively. You will learn how to manage users, expand your forum with plugins, and integrate your forum into the rest of your site, whether it is a local community forum or a large website with thousands of visitors.

You will start off by learning the basics of bbPress and gradually acquire all the skills needed to run a successful bbPress community. You will learn how to integrate your forum effectively with the rest of your site, as well as how to manage the different kinds of users and much more. With clear, concise instructions detailing every aspect of the software, you will gain the knowledge required to extend bbPress using plugins and add bbPress to your WordPress theme. Furthermore, the real-world examples and clear instructions will give you all the tools you need to turn your blog into a successful community hub.

  • A step-by-step guide to creating, managing, and growing a community around your WordPress website.
  • Learn handy pointers from an experienced community manager to keep your forum free of hassle.
  • Integrate bbPress functionality into WordPress with shortcodes
Page Count 122
Course Length 3 hours 39 minutes
ISBN 9781782167242
Date Of Publication 24 Jul 2013
Table of contents
What is bbPress?
Prerequisites for installing bbPress
Installing WordPress
Installing bbPress
Troubleshooting installation problems
Setting up WordPress correctly
The bbPress settings page
Editing and deleting forums
Forum posts – topics and replies
Setting up your administration profile
User roles
Changing user levels on a large scale
Changing user levels individually
Deleting spam accounts
Spam protection
GD bbPress Tools
Attachments – GD bbPress attachments
Improved e-mail notifications – bbPress Email Notifications
Viewing unread topics – bbPress unread posts
View users online – WP-UserOnline
Plugin checks – what to look for when installing plugins?
Actions and filters – developing your own bbPress plugins!
Adding bbPress widgets to WordPress
Available bbPress widgets
Adding more widgets with GD bbPress widgets
Editing individual elements of bbPress
Individual bbPress elements and their functions
Integrating bbPress functionality into WordPress with shortcodes
Adding your forum to navigation areas using custom menus
Creating a forum-only widget sidebar
Adding the custom sidebar template to your forum template


Rhys Wynne

Rhys Wynne is a web developer and Internet marketer originally from Colwyn Bay, North Wales, though now based in Manchester. Rhys has over seven years of commercial experience in developing websites, the majority of which have been built in WordPress. Rhys has over three years of experience in developing bbPress websites, and has released a number of plugins both for free and for commercial use. One such plugin, WP Email Capture, has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times. Apart from Internet technologies, Rhys is a keen football fan, supporting his hometown team of Colwyn Bay, and he also enjoys traveling and photography.

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